Input your Current Colony Costs

How many cages do you have?
How much is your per diem (the cost of 1 cage per day)?

What is your overcrowded cage fee?
How many overcrowded cage fees do you incur per month?

Calculating your current Costs

Your colony housing cost per day: $0.0
Your monthly overcrowded cage fee: $0.0

Yearly Colony Housing Cost: $0.0
Yearly Overcrowded Cage Fees: $0.0

Yearly Colony Costs: $0.0
What this Means
At SoftMouse understand firsthand that cost efficiency is a very big and important component of your role! Here are a few numbers to keep in mind:

  1. A single SoftMouse.NET premium user account is $350/year .
  2. If your current per diem rate is say $1.50/day (let's be conservative - ours was upwards of $1.80 for reference!), this means that for an average colony of ~300 cages , it costs ~$450/day to house them or ~$13,500/month or ~$162,000/year .
  3. With the visibility and quick decision making that you can achieve with SoftMouse, even if you save just one cage/year, this example scenario results in a cost saving of $540

In short: not only will SoftMouse pay for itself, it saves you additional money too!
SoftMouse.NET Webinars

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  • Tired of dealing with messy spreadsheets or paper records (inherited or your own!)?
  • Establishing a new colony and want to start off on the right (organized) foot?
  • Is your current database no longer supported nor secure, or simply too frustrating?

In the SoftMouse.NET webinars, you'll learn quick data entry workflows with an emphasis on good colony management practices.

The goal is to set you on the path towards an efficient and standardized record-keeping system with SoftMouse.NET.

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